Our Preschool

The teachers and children take pride in their environment that has a warm homely feel that encourages independence, creativity, exploration and the natural world around us. The children's learning is displayed through our wall displays and the children enjoy revisiting their learning and are proud to have their work and images on display for their Whanau to view and share.

School readiness is promoted and integrated into all aspects of our preschool programme. Self management and self-regulation are major focus as children near school age. Teachers extend children's interest in reading and writing as children display an interest in this. We have good relationships with the schools in our area and have an understanding of what their expectations of school readiness is for the children who are enrolled with them.  

We provide the children with a range of different experiences and provide a core curriculum each sessions wich consists of (but not limited to):

Other curriculum areas we endeavour to cover over the preschool week are (but not limited to):


Preschool Programme

8:00am   Centre opens children are welcomed into free play opportunities
9:15am   Rolling morning tea starts 
10:00am Music and movement mat time
11:15am Morning mat time
11:30am Lunchtime
11:50ish Free play opportunities and experiences
12:00pm Younger children are supported with sleep 
12:30pm Farewell to morning children, welcome afternoon children
2:20pm   Afternoon mat time
2.30pm   Afternoon tea 
2:50ish   Free play opportunities and experiences
4:20pm   Quiet experiences offered to the children to discover and explore together on the mat 
5:30pm   Centre closes